You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Woody made it on one of our walks last night. It was beyond cuteness to see him imitating Andy at the beginning of Toy Story 1 with Woody on his shoulders saying “giddy-up, giddy-up”.

Along with Collin bringing Woody on our walk, we had a couple of other firsts yesterday. Collin ate little at Mission BBQ for lunch. When we got home, we were just hanging out watching something on his iPad, and out of the blue he said: “I am hungry.” He’s NEVER EVER said that before. I typically ask him if he is ready to eat and he will answer yes or he’ll go to the kitchen looking for something to eat. I immediately got up and made him something to eat.

Then before dinner, I was chasing through the house yelling “tickle monster” and Collin jumped onto our bed and said “no tickles” laughing. Then out of the blue, he says “I love you”. Totally caught me off guard, took my breath away. He always has his way of surprising me, which keeps me pushing harder for him to never give up, even on those really tough days.

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