Visit with Santa

So, this was a wonderful time, and no sarcasm here! This was hands down, one of our best experiences visiting Santa. One afternoon while hanging out with our friend Jaime’s house, she showed me her Christmas pictures of her kids with Santa. She told me how awesome it was and all she had to do was make an appointment online…no long lines!! I was sold on the fact you could make an appointment. In the past 4 or 5 years, we went to the same place, and it was great, but the long line was a little to be desired. We would wait anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Richard and I would take turns waiting in line and hunker down with Collin and his iPad until it was our turn. Usually 30 mins into our wait he would become agitated and start to perseverate “back to the yellow house honestly thought this is too easy to be true as I made the appointment for a Saturday. We made our way down to @funspotorlando. Running behind because of i4 construction I got nervous, we will miss our appointment and have to reschedule for another day. Once we parked, Richard and Jonah got out of the Jeep and went inside the park while I tried to convince Collin to get out of the Jeep. We finally met up with Jonah and Dad. They were running around taking pictures so I knew we were ok. They set the area up as Santa’s workshop, a nice fireplace, a toy table that Santa was obviously working on😉, and the most adorable framed portrait of Elf on the Shelf. The employees were outstanding! We apologize for being late because of traffic and we might have some resistance from our son. They told us no problem, our photographers will work with him. And they did!! It was great! It also allowed us to use our phones to take pictures. Santa engaged with the boys asked what they wanted for Christmas. Collin sounded like Ralphie from A Christmas story when Santa asked him what he wanted. “Toy Story 2 Movie Sketchbook Disc, please.” Santa handed them a gold coin for either a train ride or a ride on the carousel…

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