Troop 100

Scouts has been so beneficial for Collin. We had Jonah join first, and he really enjoyed it. Going into Jonah’s second year at Scouts, we met our new Scoutmaster, Ms. Sara. I remember introducing Collin to her at a meeting and she asked why Collin wasn’t a Scout? I never really thought it would be an option…I didn’t know if he would even take part. I didn’t want other parents to think Collin would receive some favoritism because something would be too hard for him to complete or for Collin to stay focused at pack meetings. Once again, Collin has proven me wrong!! He looks forward to going to Scouts weekly. The boys are beyond awesome with Collin.. they treat him just like any other kid. I will not lie. It’s a lot of hard work, but to see him thriving in a social setting makes it all worthwhile. Today the plan was to go for a hike, a picnic, and a safety checklist at the pool. With all the rain, the trail we normally hike was flooded, and the streams looked like rivers. We had to come up with a Plan B to keep the scouts occupied until 12:45 when the pool opened. The kids played at the playground and ate lunch. The pool was right there, locked up and taunting Collin. He had to an hour and 30 minutes wait. It agitated him, stimming, and crying. We explained over and over that it wouldn’t open until 12:45 pm. I gave him some other options, and that seemed to work. Before we knew it, the Scouts were playing a game of volleyball. The pool was open. The Scouts went through their water safety checklist and in they went!! Definitely a perfect way to cool off on these hot summer days.

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