Trails, mud, and Neighborhood Fun

Trying to catch up on last weekend’s a little late. Last Saturday, our Cub Scouts made the rounds to collect food from the previous weekend of putting out door hangers. Collin got to ride in a flatbed of a truck and thought that was pretty cool!! The Scouts did an amazing job and collected 680 pounds of food, which will make it’s the way to our friends in the Bahamas 🥰Jonah played outside pretty much for the rest of the day. We live on a street with a group of amazing neighbors. All the kids get along and play outside all-day together. On most occasions, Collin stays inside, but today Jonah got him dressed to play outside. Collin went on a bike ride and came back to watch our neighbors play football in the street. He ran up and down the street and cheered on everybody!! Sunday am we got super 5:30 am early to meet some of Jeep club and made our way to Starke, Fl for @krawlin_for_cops #krawlinforthefallen. This is a really cool event..all proceeds go to families of fallen police officers. We really like to be a part of this one.💙 There were a lot of fun trails and lots of mud!! Our little “fence friends” Jonah and Eden got to hang out together. Collin rode upfront in the co-pilot seat. We had a few bumps in the road with Collin. Sometimes being someplace new can cause anxiety for him and will start to perseverate “go back to the yellow house”. Difficult to turn around since it’s over a 2-hour ride. We kept his mind off it by putting him up front in the Jeep. It was a super long day, but it was a lot of fun…here’s to more fun weekends!!

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