Oh, Christmas Tree Oh, Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Collin loves Christmas time and not for the obvious reason most kids like Christmas…for the gifts. Collin doesn’t quite understand the concept of gift-giving and receiving. He loves the lights, the music, the trees, and the decorations. There is something completely innocent about it I can’t completely put into words. And secretly, this makes me happy. My other little guy has been asking questions about Santa. Who are the Santas in the mall and the ones we see around town? You know, just those friendly reminders he’s growing up. I know this is probably the last year we can pull off the whole Santa thing. I feel like he wants to believe so badly, but there may be some buzz around his classmates that Santa is not real. BUT strangely enough, he is all about our Elf he talks to him every day. So, we are hanging on for the next couple of weeks without Jonah snooping around for gifts!.

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