Off to School

“Woody goes to school!” That’s what Collin told me this morning. I’m like sure!! I mentioned this to my friend this morning, and she reminded me that Woody went to school with Bonnie. At pick-up this afternoon, Collin’s therapist told me about all the fun they had together. She told me how Collin pushed Woody in the swing on the playground and he sat Woody next to him at his desk.💙🤠

After Collin got into the Jeep, his therapist said bye to him, and he then grabbed Woody and put Woody’s arm out the window to say bye and a high-five to his therapist.

He buckled up Woody in the backseat…safety first!!

I can’t even explain how happy this makes me!

My child totally skipped this phase of growing up. He NEVER played with anything or anyone. And to be honest, it made me sad. We tried so hard to get him to interact with his brother or his toys.

So seeing him doing it now… I’ll take it!! I will take every second!!

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