Early Riser

This is the 3rd night in a row that Collin has woken up between 12 am and 3 am and either stayed awake or maybe fallen asleep for an hour or two. He wakes up giggling and laughing, but I know at 7 am he will be grumpy and tell me no school. The last week of school before Christmas break is exciting. In fact, Jonah asked if I could drop him off at 7:30 am because it’s game day at school. I’ve been up late the past 2 nights baking Christmas cookies for teachers and once I go to bed, it’s usually for an hour or 2 and then Collin is up. He’s perseverating a lot this early morning, (looping) scenes from Super Why, Peg + Cat, Madagascar, and asking me for 100 pages.100 pages (lists he wants me to make). I’ve put this off and tried to explain to him we can’t make 100 lists in one sitting. First, I don’t think we would have that much stuff to write and I’m sure my hand would fall off. I’m thinking that his wanting to make a list is what’s keeping him up. Just like adults, when we have a thousand things on our minds at night, it keeps us awake. I feel bad for him. He probably has a lot to tell me and I’ve been busy. I promised him I would help him write his lists starting Friday and do a couple each day. As predicted, it was difficult getting him to school this morning. He’s been up since 3 am. I told his therapist at school to go easy today that he will finally fall asleep.

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