Dear Legoland,

This is a heartfelt thank you from a mom with a special needs son. Collin’s autism makes it difficult to take him to theme parks. A range of things come into play between crowds, long lines, noise, and visual processing make it difficult to take him to a theme park.

While waiting for my husband to purchase tickets in a long line, Collin and I took a seat by an employee who was checking guests into the park or back to the resort. He picked up on Collin’s behavior and politely asked if he has special needs. I told him yes and told me all about The Hero Access Pass. It basically works like a Fast Pass, where the guest doesn’t have to wait in a long line. It was a game-changer for the day.

Legoland also provided the Hero Accessibility Guide, which breaks down all the rides in a Cognitive Reference Sheet from flashing lights, loud noises to cycle time.

This was the first time Collin could ride 5 attractions with no difficulties. Legoland also provided “quiet rooms” just in case of a needed break.

This made our visit special for his brother. Most of the time, if Collin is having a difficult time, it affects Jonah, and we have to shorten our visit. Jonah had a great time, too, and it made him happy that Collin was having fun as well.

So, thank you Legoland for accepting adults and children with disabilities. Thank you for training employees to pick up on a child who is having a hard time.

We will be back soon!! @legolandflorida


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