Collin’s Journey






Collin’s journey started before he was born. We had a long battle with infertility we did a countless number of artificial semination and 2 rounds of IVF. So when we got the call we were finally pregnant it was a glorious day!!
I knew it would be twin boys, I always saw myself as a “boy mom”. I really had an uneventful pregnancy considering I was high risk because of my age and I was carrying twins, I enjoyed every moment.
I delivered the boys at 38 weeks – Collin was 6pds120oz and Jonah was 5pds 7oz we delivered them by c-section.

Call it a mother’s intuition, but I knew there was something different with Collin. I really sensed that Collin would need me more.

Collin was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 1/2. Collin and Jonah were both screened at the age of two for speech delay, but we had more concerns with Collin. To be honest, we were not surprised when they flagged Collin with Autism. Although we had an idea, it was still scary to hear the A word.

If parenting isn’t hard enough to throw Autism into the mix. The past 8 years have been a challenge. I’ve had to change quite ways and become the voice for my son. At times, not an easy task I’ve grown as a person and a mom in the process.

I use to journal about Collin’s journey but then started a blog for him. I know in the beginning it was a confusing journey for us; my hope is to spread awareness and help parents, caregivers, family members who are looking for a place for support and to celebrate.