Back to School

Ahhh… back to school, shopping for Jonah. We met Nina, (my mom) over at Target, to finish up back to school shopping for the boys. Mostly, all of Jonah’s school supplies have been purchased, but he’s been eyeing this Camo backpack at Target. Collin did okay. He was patiently waiting for Jonah to pick some new clothes, but was not interested in shopping for himself. Sometimes the stores are too busy for Collin. I didn’t push it too much. I’ll take him when it’s just the two of us. We ordered Collin’s backpack online from Disney. His backpack that he carried for 2years and I really mean 2 years since he goes to school all year round, broke the last day before his week off. So we are in our last days of summer break and planning a couple of fun activities before they head back on Monday…

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