Haircuts are one of our biggest struggles. For as long as I can remember, Collin had a difficult time. No matter how much we prepared him and how much he seemed on board, it never ended well.
We went to places that were recommended, only for it to end with a child who was completely stressed out by the end of a haircut.
There were countless times I would have to hold him down or bear hug him, while he screamed and cried, to have a hairdresser attempt to cut his hair, all the while parents with their children sat with their jaws to the ground, probably not knowing what was happening. All the while, a hairdresser would move around the salon with him and try to cut his hair. We would take many breaks and let the hairdresser take care of other clients while we would attempt to calm Collin down.

Then it was my turn and sit there with my jaw to the ground and watch as it would take the hairdresser 15 to 20 minutes to cut the child’s hair, the parents would pay, and out the door, they went!! We got to a point where it made sense to just cut his hair at home. The last time I cut his hair at home, it was a complete disaster… or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. I think we took about 3 hours to get through it and a frantic text message to my hairstylist for help. She offered for me to bring him the next day and she would help me “clean it up”. So, with clippers in hand and plenty of YouTube videos watched, I felt confident. I talked with Collin a week prior to his haircut and the promise of Chick fil a, I knew we had this. He wanted to cut his hair in the bathtub, but we ended up in the bathroom and then in our bedroom. He cried, and we took a few breaks, but we got through it together, and I’m super proud of him.

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