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A Day At The Park

There is no greater feeling when your child is happy.⁣
Last week we had an explosion of behaviors. ⁣
This perhaps the first time in a very long time we had a cluster of meltdowns and behaviors. ⁣
He’s 11. So it could be several things but he’s not able to tell me verbally what is going on. ⁣
His twin brother Jonah asked me the other day, ‘Mom, do you ever feel happy one moment and crying the next?’ “Of course!” I said. Those are called “hormones.” I chuckled… We talked a little more about it on our way to school. It makes me feel happy that Jonah can open up to me about how he’s feeling and it gives me some great insight on maybe what Collin is feeling, but not able to tell me if he’s feeling happy one moment and sad the next.
⁣Collin shows us how he’s feeling with his behaviors.
And right now it’s ok. It’s okay to be mostly surviving right now.
We’ll eventually move past it. Right now I’ll continue to love on him some more, spend an extra hour at the splash park, or give him an extra 7 minutes more being pushed on his swing until we get back on track ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🌈
I love this photo. He’s holding hands with his ABA therapist ⁣Julia!

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Hello!! I'm Deana. I'm a mom to two amazing twin boys, Collin, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, and Jonah, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We live in Florida and love spending time outdoors. When we are not outdoors, I'm homeschooling, crafting and blogging, and raising awareness on Autism.

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