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My Dear Son

A love letter to you.
On December 9th at approximately 3:42 pm on a Wednesday, you came onto this earth. And since then, my life has ever changed.

You might wonder why I’m only writing to you and not Collin.
Well, in my heart, I know the past year has been a struggle for you and our family.
Sometimes I think we get so caught up in life’s daily to do’s and your brother’s needs that I know you feel forgotten.


But this is a letter to you to let you know I do not forget you.

I want you to know how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are funny, smart, and silly. I sometimes wonder if you know how incredible you are?
You are a thoughtful son and a loving brother.

My love for you is fierce and unchanging. No matter whatever you might face, the darkest storms, or the brightest rainbows. I will always be by your side. And those times when life can make you angry, confused, or struggling to find yourself, I promise to love you even more. And when you think I can’t possibly understand, I hope you realize I just might.

My mom, your Nana, would tell me when I was little, “I loved you before I even knew you.”

So remember Jonah, I love you on the good days and the bad days, and everything day in between; I love you whole heartily.

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Hello!! I'm Deana. I'm a mom to two amazing twin boys, Collin, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, and Jonah, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We live in Florida and love spending time outdoors. When we are not outdoors, I'm homeschooling, crafting and blogging, and raising awareness on Autism.


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