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Hello!! I'm Deana. I'm a mom to two amazing twin boys, Collin, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, and Jonah, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We live in Florida and love spending time outdoors. When we are not outdoors, I'm homeschooling, crafting and blogging, and raising awareness on Autism.

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  • AutismMamaWestLondon

    Happy Birthday Collin and Jonah! What a beautiful post and I love that movie! Autism changes us Mamas in unfathomable ways. Some choose to give in, give up, lose hope, let go. Others, like yourself, become sponges of support, embracing the differences, experiencing the meltdowns along side your child and learning with them and for them. I know not much but I do know it is humbling and a real privilege to be gifted with a child as special as one with Autism. X

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